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December 14, 2021

All new students are REQUIRED to attend the Orientation Webinar and watch all the AV presentations uploaded.
Video # 1 – NPC Background –…/10PWpwKHwCpt…/view…
Video # 2 – NPC Mode of Learning –…/1Len0OiZ9zDgKtvwGfeZ…/view…
Video #3 – NPC Safety Protocols –…/1MvFVsu4Op4u5mjpxOeD…/view…
Video # 4- Violence Against Women Law –
Video # 5 – Violence Against Women in school –
Students who were not able to attend their scheduled orientation seminar may register on the following link:
December 16, 2021 Registration Link
9am – 11am
We will accept 150 participants per schedule. The google meet link for the orientation webinar will be sent to you registered email. Registration is until December 15, 2021, 1pm.
The Orientation Webinar is intended to inform you of the policies, rules and regulations of NPC; its programs and services; and the officials and staff of NPC. Also, it aims to raise awareness on your rights and responsibilities, and important agenda on women and gender such as the Magna Carta for Women and Violence Against Women.
Your attendance and participation will be highly appreciated. This Orientation Webinar is part of the requirements for your clearance and application for the NPC Full Scholarship Grant for the 2nd semester.
Thank you for your cooperation. For further questions and concerns, please email: or send a message to