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Navotas Polytechnic College Entrance Test (NPCET) Results October 2, 2021

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October 4, 2021

Below is the link for the List of Successful Examinees for the NPCET which was held on OCTOBER 2, 2021.…/1QRZ…

Kindly follow the steps below until your enrollment:
Step 1: PRE-ENROLLMENT Click the link below to access the Google Form
October 4 – 5, 2021 (Deadline)

Step 2: NPC FULL SCHOLARSHIP GRANT APPLICATION (all successful examinees are qualified to apply for scholarship, to be announced)
Benefits: Free tuition and miscellaneous fees (renewable every semester)…/1gFRMak021Ketqd…/view…

Step 3: ENROLLMENT PROCESS (to be announced)…/14nu7mrP1lA7VkhDYKj4xlDRmt4Wb…